Please help me plan menus
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Thread: Please help me plan menus

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    Default Please help me plan menus

    I have 2 dinner parties coming up after Christmas.

    I've bought the wine.... LOL, I'm good at that. But don't have a clue what to make.

    I'm more into the Asian Fusion cooking. And Barbecue is my favourite ,but not sure about the weather by Christmas.

    Any suggestions?

    Party 1 (8 people; 7 adults +1 child)

    2 vegetarians attending
    1 kiddie(mine)

    Party 2 (8 people ; 6 adults +2 children)

    2 vegetarians - one won't even eat shellfish - only fish
    2 kiddies

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    I am no good at planning menus for dinner parties! We always bbq and it's usually a bring-your-own-steak party where we just provide veggies and trimmings, but everyone brings their own meat. It's lots of fun and very easy to plan!

    I would say using only vegetarian dishes would be the best way to go. If you can serve fish/sea food, then that would solve the problem of making the others happy, but I know there are plenty of recipes / dishes out there that would satisfy even MY DH and he is a meat and taters kind of guy! I think perhaps you would do good to ask a vegetarian.... phishmama is really nice and would probably be able to give you some good recipes. I know she is vegetarian and I have known her OL for more than 2 yrs now. Try PMing her and let me know if you get anything good from her. I will keep looking and post again when I find something!

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