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    Hi everyone! Our RAM (random access memory for those that don't know what that is -- it helps the "brain" of a computer) made it to the co-location center where our server is located.

    We've scheduled the RAM to be put into Hera the server at 8:30 AM (Pacific) THIS MONDAY -- at 8:30 MONDAY the server will be brought down (turned off) for approximately 20min to as long as 1HR/1.5HRs depending if anything gets funky...hopefully not.

    Once the RAM is in, we'll bring the site back up and our server should be much happier!

    Thanks in advance for your patience. Please spread the word so that you're not caught unaware!!! Thanks!!!

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    UPDATE: 11:51 am pacific -- We still haven't updated the server yet -- thank you so much for your patience as we bring the server up and down today for the RAM maintenance.

    We will be bringing it down again this afternoon either at 3:00 pm pacific or after 5pm pacific.

    We've figured out how to upgrade the BIOS. Assuming that this works, then we can recheck the RAM, and see if it accepts the new RAM. If it still doesn't accept the new RAM then we'll be getting replacements for that RAM.

    Again thanks for your patience!

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    We'll be trying this again tomorrow afternoon around 5 pm PACIFIC -- but will be up for the online chat at 6 pm. If it looks like we didn't finish we'll leave the site as is, and come back to it after the online chat with Hogan Hilling tomorrow evening. The overall process shouldn't take more than an hour -- hopefully less time.

    We finally got the real skinny on what we needed to do to upgrade the BIOS on the server -- so we'll attempt that at the above time, Tuesday, tomorrow.

    Thanks again for all your patience today!

    So NOTHING has changed yet.

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