Review of Italian Chicken in White Wine sauce

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Review of Italian Chicken in White Wine sauce

This is the review for the Italian Chicken in White wine sauce recipe! Please let us know what you think! Have you tried something different? Did your Dh hate it!? Let's hear it!

This was something I just made up with what I had

Serves 1.5 (Me and DS haha!)
Chicken breast- I took one large breast and cut it in half length wise; I'd suggest this to ensure it doesn't get overcooked.
Half a stick of butter
Italian Dressing
Dry white wine- I just used a dry vermouth
medium frying pan

*Place butter, italian dressing, and wine in pan and set to a medium heat. (aprox. measurements: Italian dressing 1/4 c./ wine 1/4 c.) my chicken was almost submerged in my sauce
*Season raw chicken to taste (I used a season all salt/pepper/garlic/onion mix)
*Once butter is melted place chicken in pan and cook until chicken is finished (about 20 minutes depending on thickness of pieces

I served this with cheesy mashed potatoes and mixed veggies
My 15 month old even enjoyed this!

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My review:
I thought none of the flavors of the sauce were in anyway overwheming; sometimes I feel like that can happen with Italian dressing. It was a nice light chicken and paired well with the potatoes! I think next time I prepare this I will make a bigger batch of sauce and then serve it over pasta; I will also serve it with zucchini rather than just mixed veggies- Very Olive Garden sounding, don't you think!?

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So I made a version of this tonight for dinner:

I was out of chicken so I just made the sauce and served it over pasta-- man was it YUMMMMMMMMY! I will say this, since it's mostly butter and oil bases I would not just dump your whole pan of sauce on your noodles, I put my noodles in the pan I cooked my pasta in then took it out with a straining spoon so the 'extra' sauce fell out. It was still enough to be tasty, but it wasn't over whelming!

Even my 14 month old ate the crap out of this!

I still wish I had veggies to serve with it , that would have made it 10x's better!

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I'm drooling. Yummmmmmmmmmmm