Review of Turkey Tacos

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Review of Turkey Tacos

Turkey Tacos
8oz Lean Ground Turkey
2T Taco Seasoning

4 Corn Tortillas
1C 1Shredded lettuce
C Chopped Tomatoes
4T Sour Cream

Okay, so I ended realizing that the 8 oz of turkey went a lot further than I thought so I changed this to 6 servings which made it 3 points per taco. When you eat 3 it actually counts it as 8 points, even better! They were quite yummy and pretty filling. I think I will add more veggies next time and I didn't actually measure out the taco seasoning so I was a bit light handed.

I had half left over of the turkey so for lunch today, I sauteed the rest of the meat with a couple of cups of fresh spinach and some chopped tomatoes and added some more seasoning. They were fabulous!

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That sounds really good! You could maybe do another variation and make lettuce cups? I have done it with seasoned taco meat and also when I make chicken fajitas. I put the seasoned meat/veggies in lettuce leaves instead of tortillas.

I also have a recipe at home for asian style lettuce wraps with ground chicken. I bet they would taste great with ground turkey. They are like the ones from PF Changs with a bit of hoisin sauce, fresh cucumber and mint. Very good. Smile I am on travel now, but will share when I return later this week.

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They sound good. I'm going to try them this week

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Those sound really good, great idea about doing them as lettuce wraps too! Might have to try those! are you doing the new WW points plus or the old points?

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Lettuce wraps are a great idea! Maybe next time.

I am doing the new program. I only lost .7lbs this first week. I am not pleased but I did have pizza on Saturday so I am blaming it on that. I was within my weekly points so I guess I will just have to stick to my daily and not use the weekly.

That PF Changs recipe sounds good too. Can't wait to see it!

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Sure. I return home on Friday and will get it then. I don't make the lettuce wraps that often because I can't remember to grab fresh mint at the grocery. I should grow my own and have them whenever I want... Wink ;)

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Mmmm...lettuce wraps with veggies in the matchstick size would be delicious! What a great idea...definitely on the menu next week!

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I stopped using beef a long time ago, so I always use turkey in my tacos, so it's nice to see someone else trying it too! In fact, we had them this week! It is so good and back when I was trying to convince DH to switch to turkey, he could never tell the difference! I like the lettuce wrap idea. I have some leftover meat, so I will be doing that for lunch tomorrow!

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Sounds yummy! I've switched all my ground meat over to turkey.

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