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    Share your salad recipes of any kind! Chicken Salad, Fruit Salad, Taco Salad, etc.

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    This is essentially a chicken salad.. kinda

    The amount of everything you use will depend on how many are eating.. this is an entire meal!!! (you can serve it with hotrolls as well though...)

    -Put frozen chicken breasts in a pan with some soy sauce... (that's the easiest way anywho) break apart while cooking. (you may have to cut them up a bit more when they're done)
    -Cut up Red Delicious Apples into cubes (to taste)
    -Romaine, Iceberg Lettuce, (and Baby Spinach when you can again)
    -shredded cheese

    Mix together...
    Serve either with your fav. dressing OR there's one that's supposed to go with it that sounds disgusting, but actually tastes good (considering that separately I wouldn't touch 2 of the 3 ingredients! lol) I don't remember the exact measurements, but you use a little bit of miracle whip (not mayo), a touch of vinegar, and a bit of white sugar mixed together for a dressing... you need very little of it but somehow it complements the salad beautifully...
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