SIgnature Guidelines

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SIgnature Guidelines

One of the neat aspects of our site is the ability of our members to post their signatures. Within it we are able to reflect a bit of ourselves; to convey to others that which we find interesting or just for fun! While we do not want to stifle that ability to share your passions, we do need you to familiarize yourself with our Signature Guidelines and adhere to them. There have been some clarifications and additions so read thoroughly!

We have created the guidelines to be as generous as possible without adversely affecting either the site or our other members. Due to the fact that we still seem to have a widespread problem from users either unfamiliar or choosing to ignore the guidelines, we have now been forced to institute a series of consequences as follows:

Beginning Friday, August 15th:

What are the consequences of not adhering to this policy? Since this choice adversely affects our other members we have the following steps in place:

  • An initial contact will be made advising you of the correction needed for your signature. You will be given 48 hours to either replace or remove at your option. See link below if you need help!
  • If after 48 hours without a response, you have not removed or changed the signature it will be taken out of your profile.
  • Repeat offenders take note! If you continue to create signatures outside of the guidelines after being issued a warning, then we will be forced to temporarily disable your account.

If you need help simply follow the links available within the Signature Guidelines We have volunteers willing, ready, & able to answer your questions or to get your signature under control.

Finally, if you have any questions, comments or concerns you can either send a pm or reach us at the contact info below!

Thank you for your cooperation!

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