Spaghetti Sauce review

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Spaghetti Sauce review

Took Jorgiegirl's recipe and made spaghetti last night. I had never made sauce before!!!

1lb ground beef
big onion
2 big tins of diced tomatoes
one big tin of crushed tomatoes
T. dried basil
T. dried oregano
T. crushed red chili peppers
garlic powder to cover (approx 1/2 C)
salt and pepper to taste
1/2 tsp sugar to balance tomatoes

chop onion
brown in olive oil
throw in burger while browning
put into big pot
generous tsp of oregano and basil
shake in chili peppers
fresh ground pepper
garlic powder to cover
1/2 tsp of white sugar
add tins of tomatoes

simmer 2-3 hours


So, I did leave out the crushed red chili pepper, as my kiddos complain about Domino's new pizza sauce as being too 'spicy'! :roll: I used lean ground turkey instead of ground beef. This was much easier to make than I thought it'd be~and it was super yummy!

Thanks for the recipe, Jordan!

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Pam, what's nice about making your own sauce, is you can control the sugar and salt. Store jar sauces are loaded with both. Sometimes I just start with tomato paste and add in the spices or use a small can of low-sodium sauce. Smile

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I don't make a traditional sauce and can it. What I do for italian night is take canned or fresh tomatoes. (depending on season). I dice them up and put them in a sauce pan with a tsp of garlic and a splash of red wine. Oh and a little bit of italian seasonings. Saute until warm and looks good and pour over pasta.

Its so yummy and healthy!!!

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Oh YAY!! This recipe has been passed on in my family for a few generations now. It's pretty simple, traditional recipe, but very tasty!

Glad you enjoyed it!