Strawberry cheesecake!

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Strawberry cheesecake!

I'm looking for an amazing strawberry cheesecake recipe.

I found out through my fiance's sister his father's a HUGE fan of strawberry cheesecake. Ok, I am too Biggrin

I'm a picky judge of good cheesecake, the first one I ever had was the Cheesecake Factory's and still my fave, so I tend to compare each one to theirs :-?

I've searched on all my recipes sites (I'm an obsessive baker). . I can't find one without cornstarch which I've continually read that it makes a cheesecake less silky, which is what I want.

PLEASE help me out here!!! I have a 9 in springform, but this is the first cheesecake I'll have ever made, I usually stick to cookies, occasionally cakes when I have time to sit and decorate. If it's a recipe with strawberries actually in the cake itself, that'd be awesome too. I've been dying to try one of them.

Also, if you have a strawberry sauce/glaze to go over the cheesecake, I'd love that also. . .