Summer fruit and veggie recipes
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Thread: Summer fruit and veggie recipes

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    Default Summer fruit and veggie recipes

    If anyone is out there I would love to chat about summer veggies and fruit recipes. I need to start esating healthier due to TTC and diabetes.
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    My best suggestion is to look for Weight Watchers cookbooks anywhere cookbooks are sold. I've been fortunate to find them at Barnes and Nobles, Half Price Books, and a few pharmacies. These cookbooks always have GOOD recipes for fresh fruits and veggies that are low in fats and calories while still being very flavorful and EASY to make! These have really changed our eating habits and the way I cook at home!

    Other than that, I try to keep fresh fruits and veggies around for snacking along with things like low-fat yogurt, fat free cottage cheese, and crackers. I also have experimented with different leafy veggies in salads and found that all of us - even the kids - prefer fresh spinach to lettuces in our salads and on our sandwiches. We've also discovered a few new foods that all of us like and are eager to eat!



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