Welcome! Please read!

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Welcome! Please read!

Hello and welcome to the new and improved food board! The concept of this board is to be able to post our favorite dishes and be able to get feed back from fellow users! We are trying out a new idea of how to post everything in harmony so please read before you start posting! We hope you enjoy the board and get and GIVE lots of yummy ideas!

If you have a recipe to post:
If you have a recipe to post, check to see if there is a related sticky and file your post in that sticky.

In order to set up your personal review thread: please start a brand new thread titled "Review of ____________" and your recipe name.

Upon setting up that thread, please COPY the URL link to the review thread and place it back in your original recipe post.

Doing posting this way will ensure a few things:
-users can post reviews on any recipe and it won't clog up the stickies
-by linking your review to your original post in the sticky thread, we will never lose our reviews no matter how far down the list they get!

If you have a recipe to post w/ no 'home sticky':
Please start a new thread for your recipe or you may contact me and I can start a new sticky with a related topic.

This will ensure this board has activity other than just posts of recipes!

Please stop by the Intro thread and give an introduction so we can get to know our members!

As always comments and banter are welcome but please be respectful of all members opinions! If you do re-post the recipes on other boards please give the member proper credit! Enjoy the board!