What do you put ON your spaghetti?

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What do you put ON your spaghetti?

I thought I would post this because my family thinks I am strange. ROFL

When I cook spaghetti, I use the same ingredients as when I cook lasagna (minus a few veggies and some cheese) so when I put it on my plate I almost always sprinkle some shredded cheddar and montarey jack cheese on top. I love how it gets all melty and gooey on top of the sauce. I just figure that if we put cheese on lasagna, why not put it on spaghetti. :dontknow:

If I don't have cheese available, I will put some ranch dressing on it. I love the added flavor. Smile I discovered this one when I realized that when I was eating my salad with ranch dressing off the same plate as my spaghetti that the dressing ran into the spaghetti. I noticed that it tasted quite yummy, so I started putting it on my spaghetti all the time.

So, what do you put on your spaghetti?

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LOL! Ranch dressing on spaghetti? Not sure if I would care for that or not!

I usually put some shredded parmesan and LOTS of garlic powder. The more garlic the better. We are big garlic eaters. I usually put a few cloves in the sauce as well. It tastes really yummy.

I just found this board today and I am super excited!

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I prefer just an olive oil and pesto base on spaghetti. With seafood and veggies. and then add lots of grated parmesan.

Ricky likes only butter.

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I'm a huge garlic eater too, so garlic powder. No cheese for me unless it's dairy free.

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I melt cheese on top too. Also garlic salt!

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Garlic salt.