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Thread: WTF?

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    Default WTF?

    A new Aldi opened in town today so Jack and I went there instead of our normal store. It was packed! But it is much bigger than the other Aldi stores I have been to. They had a lot of different products too. I picked up some of the light and fit Turkey Burgers so that is what we are having tonight with some baked fries and probably peas. I needed something easy because DH just got done with working 4 back to back shifts with only 5 hours off in between the first two and second two. I am just as worn out as him by the end of it!

    What are you having?
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    We are staying at my parents house so my dad made dinner for us

    He made a lemon steamed tarakihi (fish), garden salad, rice and garlic bread. It's was delicious and good for the heart too
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    We spent the weekend at my Mum's and today is shopping day so it could be anything. I'll probably pick something easy up while shopping.

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