Advice/help on LOW HCG

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Advice/help on LOW HCG

Hi All,

I'm 4w5d pregnant and my pregnancy tests not getting any darker. Temps are still around 98.6 and I have tenderness and cramps some nausea NO BLEEDING. I know that I ovulated because I got the HCG shot back on CD 14. Now I'm on CD 34. The first HCG test (15.6) was on Thursday 3/22 and the second on Sunday 3/25 (15.3) Doctor seems optimistic.

Any thoughts? Can anyone relate?

I have another blood test scheduled for tomorrow but can't stop the mind from wandering.

The worst part is that my ff calendar is confused on actual Ovulation day.

This is my 5th pregnancy and I haven't had any go full term yet. You'd think I know the drill by now but I've never taken multiple tests with the same darkness on the test strip. The doctor sounds like my HCG level could still rise but from experience if its not doubling every few days it doesn't look good...

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I just wanted to check in and see how everything was going. Did you get your test results back from Sunday? I hope that your numbers went up and that everything is ok.