Angel in heavens due date

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Angel in heavens due date

Today is my baby that I lost due date.

Oct 30th 2012

I'm pregnant again so my emotions are all over the place. Super easy for me to get upset and cry over anything. I just can't believe it's been 9 months already. Sad

A Dedication To Your Unborn Child

You went into the office
expecting the great news,
that your baby was secure
growing in your womb.
You didn't hear the heartbeat
and you didn't feel it move,
you ended up getting
the worst unexpected news.
Your child is in heaven
a angel in the sky,
filled with joy and laughter
growing as time goes by.
Your life will go on
the tears will come and go,
only time now
will heal your broken heart

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:bighug: Prayers for you today :bighug:

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Hoping that you are doing okay today.


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