another destined miscarriage???

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another destined miscarriage???

So I just had a miscarriage last month. February 4th to be exact. I was right at 7 weeks. It was confirmed by vaginal ultrasound. I had no d and c. About 2 Weeks ago I got sick with the same pregnancy symptoms as last time. Took a test it was negative on a Friday. That following Tuesday night/Wednesday I took 5 and they were all positive and the clear blue weeks estimator said 1-2. I went to the Dr that Wednesday and they ordered hcg levels. Wednesday it was a little over 200. Friday it was 440 something. Definitely a new pregnancy. I hada follow up appointment yesterday and had an ultrasound and all we could see (via vaginal) was the gestational sac. So my Dr had me do anther hcg today and it was 2,189. I have a follow up appointment on Friday for another ultrasound and Dr appointment.

Is it possible that my hcg level could be that high even ifi am to early to seea yolk sac? Has anyone else experienced this?

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Yes it is possible to have those kind of numbers and not see much. Even if your m/c date was cd1 (my early m/cs were like that) you would only be 6 weeks today and I wouldn't expect to see anything until after that (my first RE wouldn't do an u/S until 7 weeks to be sure to get an accurate view, so I try not to worry until that point)

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So I just had my follow up ultrasound. They had one of the Dr's to cine talk to me before hand. Said it is possible that they still might not See anything even with my hcg over 2000and that the other Dr that ordered it should have waited 7 days after the first one at least And gave me w a choice to have it or not since I live so far away. I had it. The ultrasound lady want very friendly and all ofa sudden asks "so you've not had any pain or bleeding?" Then when she was fine said "no change" on Monday there wasa gestational sac and the lady showed it to me. She didn't show me anything this time (different person) I'm at the Dr office now trying to find out sine answers. I hope the ultrasound lady wad just rude and blunt.

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I had to have one with my second daughter because of heavy bleeding at 6w4d. They repeatedly told me that if my dates were slightly off or if things were progressing slightly slower that we might not see anything and they would ask me to come back in a week. I could see the screen through that u/s and everything seemed so small and fragile that I didn't really believe it. I knew they saw a heartbeat but I thought the amount of bleeding could not be a good sign.

I think that since your hcg levels are increasing normally that you have to assume that all is good. By the end of the month you should know for sure.