Freaking out...

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Freaking out...

I'm going to lose my mind. Every cramp, I run into the bathroom to see if I'm bleeding. Thing is, I'm having some sort of (tmi) discharge that's more liquid than anything. No clumps or clotting. almost. So, when I run into the bathroom I overly examine the toilet paper, trying to see if everything is the correct color. If something isn't, then I run to the bathroom every 10 minutes to see if it's changing and/or gone away.

I'm on stomach meds for my m/s. Well, now I'm (another tmi) constipated too. And crampy. So I'm wondering if I'm crampy because I haven't poo'd in 2 days or just because the uterus is stretching - or something worse. So, I go and get prunes and apple juice and I went. But I'm still crampy..but it feels like gas.

I hate over analyzing every little twitch. I mean, theoretically I've made it past my two losses already because the baby is in the right place. But that just freaks me out too because now I'm in unknown territory and I'm not sure what's normal and what's not.

Sorry. Just at the point of tears over stressing myself out.

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We totally get it! One of the very hardest things about pregnancy is that you can't actually see what is happening inside your body, and you're left to rely on analyzing symptoms, most of which could go either way. If you're cramping, you think "Oh my gosh, am I going to start/AF have a miscarriage???" If you're not cramping, you think "Oh no, my uterus isn't growing..." If you have discharge you wonder if it's "right" and if you aren't having discharge, you wonder why not. All of this is double and triple true after experiencing loss, because loss strips your innocence from you. I never really worried when I was pregnant with T (my first pregnancy) because I was too inexperienced to know to worry. LOL

Anyway, I totally totally understand what you're feeling, and I just want you to know that although I think all of your symptoms are extremely promising of a happy healthy pregnancy, I am not minimizing your stress or worries because I completely understand why it's so scary. Just know that everyone on this board has been through it and is are in the same boat, and we are here to listen whenever you feel like venting.

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I always would call and talk to the nurse for peace of mind but I can tell you from my own experience:

1 - Constipation made me crampy and as soon as I got rid of it I'de feel a ton better. My doc said Milk of Magnesia was fine. You can check with your doc

2 - I started having extra discharge early too. I had to wear panty liners most of this pregnancy. I believe it is completely normal just watch for blood

3 - I had a cyst that was inflamed during the early part of pregnancy that caused me all sorts of weird pains - call the doc if you are concerned, your peace of miind is important and an extra trip to be examined or a talk with the nurse may ease your worries or highlight an issue like my cyst that I had to watch....

Thinking of you because I know how hard that first trimester was for me...every little pain brought tears to my eyes for fear of losing these babies.

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You got some wonderful advice from Alissa and Danielle. ((((HUGS)))) I just wanted to say that I totally get what you're going through.