Gestational Sac ?

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Gestational Sac ?

I figured out how to upload a pic! Can you ladies take a look and see if this looks weird to you?

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I don't see anything wierd. I think the dark area is the gestational sac and the light area inside that is sort of round is the yolk sac and the curve line (the part that sort of looks like an ear) is the baby. I think it looks normal for that gestation and you saw the h/b too right?

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Yeah we saw the heartbeat. Just.. someone posted on a thread of mine that if the gestational sac isn't round, then it usually ends up in m/c. I know you can't believe everything you hear, but it just fed my paranoia that much more.

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I'm not a doctor, but it looks normal to me. If you're really worried about it, ask your doc at your appointment today. And try not to let things you read on the internet freak you out too much....:comfort:

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It looks normal to me too. I see a fetal pole and a yolk sac. I've had like 30 ultrasounds (maybe more) and the gestational sacs never look perfectly round all the time. It really depends on the angle the wand is pointing. I wouldn't let that poster's comment worry you. Good luck at your appointment today!! Please KUP asap!! Biggrin