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I get to work this morning.. (late..haha) its 5am... I got out of the car and started dry heaving and gagging immediately. It stinks SO bad out here right now. The paper mill is what's making the stink but...omg its so nasty. I can smell it inside too and it just makes me wanna hurl. Just....thought Id share.

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haha, strong smells when you are feeling icky is really not a good combo. I'm not having that problem this time but I have had it bad with every other pregnancy and I know how terrible it is. I can't imagine having to deal with stink in the air all day too. But I do think it's a very good sign. Smile

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Lol...thanks for sharing! Wink

I agree with Lynn, it IS a good sign. I had strong aversions to smells too. I still do, a bit, I think! lol

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Haha, that's no fun, but it is a good sign. I had to move away from this lady at the grocery store yesterday because of her perfume. It wasn't bad, it was just soooo strong smelling to me.

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Anyone use Preggo Pops? I think that's what they're called. I can't actually use the "pops" because my gag reflex is amazing now, but I do suck on the hard candy. ...I don't think it matters what it is, it seems if there's something in my mouth, I don't feel the need to throw up.
Get outta the gutter guys...:bigwink:

So I've been using those all day, it's just regular candy.. it SAYS it has ginger in it to help calm your stomach, but it tasted like sour candy to me, no ginger evident. ANYWAY, I get home and DH had bought me TWO things at TacoBell last night, and the other one was in the fridge waiting on me today. I heated it's a new Cantina Bowl. OMG it is And so freakin hurting my stomach already. I sure did down like the half the thing in ..about 5 minutes. I didn't finish it.. but I'm gonna go to bed now before my stomach REALLY starts hurting. Maybe I can sleep it

And a nap sounds good all the time.