GTKY - Please check in!!

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GTKY - Please check in!!

Any new PGAL ladies out there?! Please check in and join us! Biggrin

Congratulations to all PGAL ladies! Yahoo

I know this is a really scary time for us all so let's get to know each other a little better and support one another! Biggrin

Your age?
DH/SO age?
Your occupation?
DH/SO occupation?
Where are you from?
What # baby is this?
Other children?
Angel babies?
Any pets?
Favorite hobby?
Due date?
Any symptoms?
Have you made an appointment with your Dr. yet?
Best moment so far?
Worst moment so far?
What are you most looking forward to?
What are you least looking forward to?

List 3 random facts about you!

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Name/Nickname? Lynn
Your age? 35
DH/SO age? 38
Your occupation? Civil Engineer
DH/SO occupation? Quality Assurance with FedEx
Where are you from? East TN
What # baby is this? Pregnancy #4, and hoping 3rd take home baby
Other children? Colin, 4 yrs and Ryne 18 months
Angel babies? 1 lost at 11.5 weeks...that is when I found out, size indicated growth stopped around 9.5 weeks
Any pets? 1 cat, her name is Fez
Favorite hobby? spending time with my family
Due date? not really sure I think it's either April 1st, plus or minus a day or 2 or it's April 13th My ticker is for the later date so that would be super cool if I got to jump ahead about 2 weeks once I get a dating u/s
Any symptoms? Some slight nausea that comes and goes but really is so mild it's not much to speak of, general gastro type issues like cramping, some lower back pain that seems to shift from side to side (side note my sister is also pregnant and due March 30th which is super cool, she says she has this too and explained it like kidney pain which makes sense), headaches, round ligament pulling that comes and goes, tired and low endurance doing anything pysical, and increased pee output. That's mostly all I can think of. It's a long list but they are all mild symptoms and overall I don't feel very pregnant. Hoping everything is healthy in there and I'm just going to have an easy pregnancy this time...I think I've earned it after my previous ones b/c I usually have terrible nausea about halfway through...even had it bad with my loss.
Have you made an appointment with your Dr. yet? Yes, it's Thursday, August 23
Best moment so far? When that line popped up on the pregnancy test when I was totally expecting a BFN Biggrin
Worst moment so far? None really
What are you most looking forward to? Hopefully seeing a healthy, wiggly little one on u/s with a strong h/b
What are you least looking forward to? Possibly finding out baby never developed and my body is just holding onto a mmc

List 3 random facts about you!

DH and I are highschool sweethearts and celebrated 20 yrs of being together this year
I'm a tomboy at heart, I played basketball on the school team from 4th grade until 12th grade
I would love to be an interior decorator and actually considered it when trying to decide what to do when starting college but I chickened out thinking it wasn't a "pratical" career. :rolleyes:

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Name/Nickname? Alissa
Your age? 32
DH/SO age? 31
Your occupation? Financial Industry
DH/SO occupation? Teacher
Where are you from? Colorado
What # baby is this? If all goes well, this will be my 2nd take home baby, 4th pregnancy
Other children? Tristan (4)
Angel babies? 2, both lost at 8 weeks
Any pets? a dog named Ellie
Favorite hobby? Reading
Due date? April 2nd
Any symptoms? Nausea that comes and goes, exhausted, sore boobs, round ligament pain, some cramping although that is dying down now, peeing more than usual
Have you made an appointment with your Dr. yet? Many. LOL I have seen my OB once, his NP once, and have had an u/s so far. I have another u/s on Monday, and then another appt with my OB with an u/s in two weeks.
Best moment so far? Seeing the h/b
Worst moment so far? Seeing red blood spotting
What are you most looking forward to? Getting out of the first trimester and maybe being able to relax
What are you least looking forward to? The possibility of finding out about yet another missed miscarriage (both previous were missed) at one of the upcoming ultrasounds.

List 3 random facts about you!
I have a degree in Psychology.
DH and I knew we were going to get married and have kids pretty much instantly.
My mom is a twin so I have always kind of wanted twins.

Thanks for doing this Jina! Great questions!

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Name/Nickname? Kristina
Your age? 25
DH/SO age? 26
Your occupation? Pediatric Nurse
DH/SO occupation? Engineer
Where are you from? Southern California
What # baby is this? 8th
Other children? DS Diablo
Angel babies? 4 losses (1) @ 4.5wks chem pg (2) @ 8wks (3) @ 9 wks u/s no h/b (4) @ 6wks measuring 4.5 wks; 2 terminations
Any pets? goldfish who has proved everyone wrong and is still living after being over a year old.
Favorite hobby? cycling, running, sewing, reading
Due date? 04/02/12 estimation based on last AF
Any symptoms? EXTREME Fatigue, increased unrination, and breast tenderness sometimes so bad I will rip anyones hand off who comes near
Have you made an appointment with your Dr. yet? Nope, too scared. I am kind of content of the unknown right now. And hate that fact that because I am in the medical field I feel like sometimes I know too much.
Best moment so far? TBA, have not even taken a HPT because I did not want to know I was really pregnant. I am in denial.
Worst moment so far? Only once spotting episode
What are you most looking forward to? getting through the next 40 weeks with a happy and healthy pregnancy/baby
What are you least looking forward to? going to the OB and diagnosing a fetal demise

List 3 random facts about you!
1. My DS is spoiled rotten literally he gets everything he wants. I have created a monster.
2. DH & I crushed on one another in high school but never dated until a year after high school and have been together ever since although sometimes I must admit I truly enjoy my alone time away from him.
3. I am going back to school for my BSN

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Name/Nickname? Jess
Your age? 29
DH/SO age? 30
Your occupation? Receiver
DH/SO occupation? Outside Machinist @ the shipyard
Where are you from? North Carolina originally, but lived in VA my whole life
What # baby is this? 3rd pregnancy
Other children? None
Angel babies? 2 - 1 Chemical Pregnancy in September and 1 Ectopic Pregnancy in January.
Any pets? 2 miniature schnauzers
Favorite hobby? Sleeping.
Due date? April 6th
Any symptoms? Every five minutes I'm gagging, thinking I'm gonna hurl. Usually I don't actually throw up, but I feel like it constantly. My boobs are so sore that I don't even like moving. I peed five times in the night last night. I have a headache that lasts all day and I'm tired. Always.
Have you made an appointment with your Dr. yet? Yeah. I have had one already for blood work (which came back good) and a pap. My ultrasound is Wednesday. I will be 6 weeks 5 days, so maybe a heartbeat? I almost want to cancel because I'm scared it's going to be bad news.
Best moment so far? I guess the morning sickness. I didn't have it with my other two pregnancies so it gave me a glimmer of hope. Plus the no bleeding..not yet anyway. That's so sad. Not bleeding and morning sickness are my best moments! haha
Worst moment so far? Freaking out every time I wipe, looking for blood.
What are you most looking forward to? A baby. I want our own little family so bad. I hope I can give my husband a son/daughter.
What are you least looking forward to? Being told there's something wrong.

List 3 random facts about you!
I work in a grocery store and have a Bachelors and a Masters Degree.
I've taken care of my half brother (like, total custody) since he was 12.
I dated my husband for like a month in high school, we broke up and years later I got back in touch with him on FB. We've been together ever since.

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Name/Nickname? Jina
Your age? 28
DH/SO age? 30
Your occupation? sahw
DH/SO occupation? Software Industry and Business owner
Where are you from? Texas
What # baby is this? #1
Other children? No...
Angel babies? 4
Any pets? A spoiled rotten little pup.
Favorite hobby? Reading and shopping
Due date? 2/6/13
Any symptoms? I'm still nauseous here and there. I have nightmares almost every night. I still have to pee in the middle of the night! I also get a little emtional/moody here and there but not too bad. I'm also still very tired.
Have you made an appointment with your Dr. yet? Many. My next appointment is the early gender scan.
Best moment so far? Seeing our little baby at the NT scan. Our little baby was sooo freaking adorable. I will forever treasure those 10 minutes!
Worst moment so far? When I spotted. I nearly had a heart attack!
What are you most looking forward to? Finally being able to give my Hubby a child.
What are you least looking forward to? Hmmm....possibly having my child share a birthday with a cousin! lol

List 3 random facts about you!

I can't stand having unpainted toenails. It drives me nuts!
I love to cook and try new recipes.
I can't swim. I almost drowned when I was a kid and now I'm deathly afraid of pools!

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Coming over here to show you guys support, hope you don't mind Biggrin What great GTKY questions, Jina!

Lynn - I wanted to be an interior decorator back when I was younger, too!
Alissa - I didn't know you had a degree in Psychology! How cool Dirol
Kristina - LOL @ "creating a monster" with your DS. My DD (5 yrs) is a bit spoiled, too. She's our one and only, so it's hard not to spoil her!
Jess - What a neat story about your husband!
Jina - I hear you about the unpainted toenails. Mine are too ugly not to have polish on them to pretty them up! Hahaha

Thinking of you guys a praying for super healthy pregnancies! :bigarmhug:

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Thanks Mary. Smile

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BUMP!! for any new PGAL ladies out there! Please check in and join us! Biggrin