Guess who's expecting again ;)

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Guess who's expecting again ;)

Just found out I was pregnant the other day. Wow so soon after losing the baby.... Is there a good chance this baby will be healthy? I'm so nervous!!!! Excited!!!! Scared!!!!!

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Congratulations Star!! Yahoo So happy for you and best wishes for a sticky bean this time. I would say I don't think your chance of this pregnancy not being healthy is not affected by how quickly you got pregnant after the loss.

With my first loss I had a D&C and it took a while for my body to resume cycling so timeframe was D&C March 2nd and pregnant again (with DS2) on June 15th.

With my second loss I had m/c naturally and body went right back to normal so the m/c was August 14th and I found out I was pregnant again on October 9th. So not even a full 2 months...

I think it's impossible after a loss not to be worried and I know youve experienced 2 back to back so that really makes it even harder not to be nervous.

I hope everything goes smoothly with this one and you have a HH9M's. Biggrin

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Oops, double post!

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Congrats, and HH9M!!!! Yahoo Can I add you to the EDD thread?

I agree completely with Lynn. After a m/c (or two, back to back!) it's almost impossible not to worry. I had the same experience: my first pregnancy with T was totally fine, and then I had two m/cs in a row, and now I am having a healthy pregnancy with this one. It's nerve wracking, but I can say that as time has gone by, I have gotten more comfortable with believing that this pregnancy is going to end with me having a healthy baby. I hope that you are able to feel the same way as time goes by, and please know that we are here for you while you go through any doubts or worries or freakouts that you may have. We've all been there, unfortunately.

Best wishes for this little bean, and that you have a very happy and healthy nine months.

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Totally agree with PPs.

Congratulations and HH9M!! Sending tons of positive vibes your way! Smile