I could use some cheering up

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I could use some cheering up

Been worried about the baby. I'm sure everything's fine but I bring myself almost to tears....
I try not to get too excited about being pregnant again just in case. Sad I am excited though... Just so u know.
Hopefully this ultrasound next Monday on the 29th will lift my spirits.
I can't help but worry :/

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You're in the right spot for worrying! I've been worried the entire time as well. Sometimes I feel like crying, just like you, because I want so bad to be excited but I'm so scared and I can't get excited because of that.

I know the u/s is still kinda a long way off for you, but...try not to worry too much! I'm sure the u/s will bring relief that your little bean is doing just great in there!!

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A week away today Smile I'll admit I'm excited about that!!! But I don't want to get my hopes up and there be no heart beat :/

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:bigarmhug: I think most newly pregnant moms worry but it's sooo much harder when you've been through a loss. I understand exactly how you feel and can't wait until next Monday.

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I agree with Jessica and Lynn. This is the place for worrying. It's hard *not* to worry about your little bean when you can't actually see what is going on in there, but it just gets that much worse when you have had a loss. I really relate to your pain because like you, I have had a missed miscarriage where I went in for an u/s and there was just no h/b. That is so shocking and awful and out of the blue.


Anyway, I have every hope that you will get great news on Monday, and can't wait to hear all about it. What time is your appt? Smile

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I totally understand the worry. I hope Monday brings you good news and reassurance. Smile

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Good luck at your u/s!! I bet you'll see a beautiful little bean! Please KUP!