I need to stop reading things.

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I need to stop reading things.

So. DH has school tonight ...so I'm googling everything. I've heard seeing the heartbeat is a good thing and the risk of miscarriage goes down, so..I googled it. And like, everyone that posted on it said they had a m/c after seeing the heartbeat.

I am now, just a little more paranoid.


I wish I could know if everything is going to be okay, then I'd happily deal with whatever this pregnancy throws at me!

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Jessica, try to stay away from google! Unfortunately, yes, in my case I was able to see heartbeats with all of my losses. But, there was a reason for the losses. I have a blood clotting issue that caused me to miscarry. I think your situation is a little different. Your first loss was a CP and unfortunately they are very common. I had to go through one myself. Your second loss was due to an ectopic pregnancy and the fact that your baby is in the right place this time increases your chances for a healthy pregnancy dramatically! I know it's hard to relax and think positive when you've gone through a m/c but try anyway. Try to stay away from google and try not to think about all the negative stuff. ((((hugs))))

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Jessica - google is one of my downfalls. I get upset every time I start searching things but I can't seem to help myself. This week being put on bedrest I keep reading about my symptoms and totally scaring myself as to what I could be developing.....so I have shut it down.

It's not worth the stress

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I agree with Jina and Danny, the best thing is to just step away from Google. Like Jina, I did see the h/b before both of my losses, but also like Jina I had specific health issues (clotting issues and low progesterone, among others) that caused the miscarriage. In general, I think the odds of keeping a pregnancy after seeing the h/b is something like 90%. Great odds! I think you're going to be fine. Smile