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new to this

well, not to pregnancy, but to being pregnant after a loss.

Some of you know me already, but I'll give a little intro. I'm 29 and this is my 5th pregnancy. I'm right around 4 weeks. My first three pregnancies were uneventful. The 4th time around I had no signs anything was wrong. I even had my usual hyperemesis. But, an u/s at 7 1/2 weeks showed a small empty sac. 2 weeks later it was confirmed as a blighted ovum and, since my HCG was still rising and I'd had no bleeding or spotting, I had a d&c at 9w2d.

Three cycles later, I'm pregnant again. I've been taking ICs the past few days and they look just like last pregnancy - getting darker. But today I woke with a sinking feeling that I'm going to lose this one, too. I have no signs at all that anything is wrong and all kinds of signs things are fine. But it was like that last time, too. Someone please tell me it's normal to worry like this and it probably doesn't mean anything.

I'm going to be getting betas done next week and should have an u/s around 6 weeks, but that feels like ages from now.

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((((HUGS))))) and welcome to PGAL. Congrats on your pregnancy, and HH9M! It is most definitely normal to feel worried and sure you're going to lose this one after a loss. Heck, I'm 24 weeks, and I still worry. I think that it's especially hard with a missed m/c where you didn't have any symptoms that led to the loss like bleeding...because "no symptoms" is no longer reassuring. We have all been there, and we totally understand how you're feeling. I'm glad that you've joined us, and I look forward to getting to know you better.

What is your EDD? Can I add you to our EDD thread? Also, please feel free to jump right in to the chat thread. That is where we do most of our talking. Smile

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Congratulations on your pregnancy!! Biggrin

I'm so very sorry about your previous loss, like Alissa said, we've all been there and it sucks. It's totally normal to worry and freak out over ANYTHING and EVERYTHING after you've had a loss. I'm 32 weeks and I still worry and have my freak out moments. The first trimester after a loss is brutal emotionally but know that we are all here for you anytime you need to talk or vent. Please KUP with your betas and can't wait to hear all about your u/s!

Sending tons of sticky vibes your way!! Biggrin

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Welcome! I've seen you posting (I lurk EVERYWHERE). Good luck with his pregnancy! Jina and Alissa have been my worry sounding board LOL. I, like them (and you) worry about EVERYTHING. I've had an ectopic pregnancy and a chemical pregnancy. I'll be 24 weeks tomorrow and still stare at the toilet paper and analyze every singe twinge I feel. So, no, you're definitely not alone.

KUP with the betas and yes!! Please join us in the chat thread!