Oops, forgot to share this here!

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Oops, forgot to share this here!

I finally got to see my bean on Monday. I wasn't 100% sure of my EDD. I thought May 15th, bean measured for May 12th, so the doctor said we'd stick with my LMP date of May 11th. I was a little disappointed because my OB office has a GREAT u/s machine with 3D capability and even in 2D, the images are very high-resolution, great images. Well... The OB did the u/s himself on the crappy 1980's machine in the back, lol. I could still see the little one moving his/her arms/legs around and see the little flicker of a heartbeat (which I had already heard on my home doppler).

See the little hand up by the face, awwww... Smile

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Hello little one! Congrats on a great u/s Mary! Biggrin

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Awwwww, hi there sweet baby! Congrats on a great u/s, even on the crappy 80's u/s machine. Haha, I can soooo picture what you mean. My OB has several offices in the city, and only one of them (about 20 minutes away) has the good high tech u/s machine. For the "official" u/s - dating scan, NT scan, anatomy/gender scan - they send me to the other office, but all of my other appointments are at the office that is like 5 minutes from my house. At MY office, they have the same, junky old 80's u/s machine being operated by my OB himself, so if you get an u/s at my office (as I have several times this pregnancy) that is what you get. Biggrin

Anyway, yay for a healthy bean! I will adjust your EDD on the EDD thread.

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Awwwww! So cute!! I'm glad you had a great u/s!