Our EDDs and Grads

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Our EDDs and Grads

Thought it would be fun to keep a sticky list of our EDDs and our grads. Please update on this thread as you get your BFPs, find out what you are having, have your gorgeous babies, et cetera!

Krlauren (Katherine) - April 29th 2013
Mary (marymoonu) - May 11th, 2013
Nidia - May 15, 2013- It's a boy!!!!
Clarkton (Lynn) - June 23rd, 2013 - It's a girl!!!!
sandy1007 - Sandy - July 2nd, 2013
Maddie (Maddz) - December 19th, 2013 - It's a boy!!!!
Aurora (A_Dawn) - May 15th 2014

Danielle (DannyT) - Lucas Anthony & Olivia Ann, born 8/30/2012
Jina (JKfmAustin) - Lucas Ryan, born 1/31/2013
Alissa (Alissa_Sal) - Reid Valentine, born 3/24/2013
Jessica (babywings1) - Julie Francis

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OMG! we already have people due in June!!! That is great!!

Krlauren (Katherine) - April 29th 2013

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I know, isn't it great! Time marches on....

I have added you Katherine.

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Maddie- December 19th

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Aurora EDD 5/15/14

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Okay, working on some clean up here.

I've updated everything I have here, but a lot of you have had your babies by now! :woohoo: Please let me know names and the days they were born so that I can update our grad list, and congrats to all of our grads. :woohoo: