Pray for my friend

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Pray for my friend

Hi there, I am coming to you for prayers for my friend Emily. I will encourage her to come on here for support. She is scared to death right now. She has a 4yrold daughter but has been TTC her 2nd for last 2 years. She has had 2 or 3 miscarriages now, one very recently. She just found out that she is pg again. She thinks it is her irregular thyroid issues that have caused the past miscarriages, she is now being monitored(and taking meds) very closely for that so hopefully that will make all the difference this time. She just went for her first early OB visit and they suggested it might actually be other problems as well which just threw her for a loop. Please just pray for her. I am so worried about her. She wants one more baby soooo badly, she is such a good Mother, she really needs this pg to work out!
Thank you and bless all you that are TTC!

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Prayer is such a powerful thing. I will keep her and her family in my prayers.