QOTD - 9/17

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QOTD - 9/17

What is your favorite fruit and how often do you indulge? Biggrin

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I love nectarines, but I usually only eat them at the end of summer when they are in season. Smile

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Fruit. Hmm.. I'm not really a big fruit person. I like blueberry pie, does that count??

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I love nectarines too!

LOL, Jessica, yes, I think that counts. Wink

This is a hard question for me because I love all kinds of fruit but I'm gonna go with a crisp Jonagold apple from one particular grocery store. I only get to eat it during spring and early summer. Then they suddenly disappear and I don't see them for a whole year! Waaaaah! lol

Oh and they are closing down the grocery store that carries Jonagolds that I like so I don't know what I'm going to do! Sad