QOTD - 9/18

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QOTD - 9/18

Do you have a favorite candle scent?

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I can't burn candles because they aggravate T and DH's asthma. Sad

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That sucks Alissa. M is really allergic to scents too so I don't burn candles very often. You know what's strange? I used to douse myself in perfume and burn candles like crazy and I've gone so long without them that now they (perfumes mostly) just give me a pounding headache! Oh well.

To answer the question, I have two favorite scents. I've been addicted to these candles for like 15 years. lol

Trapp pink grapefruit candles


Tocca Cleopatra candles

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I have lots of favorites...some on the top of my list are buttercream, sage & citrus, and vanilla lime. Yes, they are all yankee candle scents. Smile

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I don't burn candles ... the smell is awesome, but gives me a headache and stuffs up my nose. HOWEVER, Yankee Candle has one called Marshmallow.


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