QOTD - 9/24

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QOTD - 9/24

Are you ladies still exercising? Wink

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Still....? LMAO

No, unfortunately, I have been really bad so far this pregnancy. I try to remember to take a walk when I'm at work (I have a walking buddy, so that makes it go faster) but that doesn't always happen, and my non-work days I really do nothing. LOL Maybe now that I'm moving into the second trimester...

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Go me! I am on the same exercise regimen I was before I got pregnant.

90 minute cardio
30 min strength building
walk/jog for 3... okay who am I kidding? The most exercise I get is walking to my car...LOL

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LOL, I also was going to say, "Still?!" I haven't "exercised" in like 4 years, hahah. I enjoy activity, just not anything I have to force myself to do on a regular basis. I like walking around parks, the zoo, etc. and playing with my boys. Right now I'm feeling too sick at my stomach at exhausted to do much of anything. I'm in survival mode right now... Just make it through my day until my next chance to sleep.

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I'm haven't really exercised either....only here and there and mostly it's just walking. :rolleyes: