A re-introduction (loss mentioned)

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A re-introduction (loss mentioned)

Hey ladies... I was on here a few years ago... and I'm back again! I was lurking for a bit and think I saw a couple familiar names here.

Dh and I are blessed with this unexpected pgcy... this will be our 4th child. I am 12 wks... almost 13, due in April.
I few years ago I had a stillborn at 20wks. We found out at our 20 wk gender u/s that our son no longer had a heart beat, I had lost him just days before. A few days later I gave birth to the most beautiful and smallest angel. Since that loss I have given birth to a beautiful healthy girl now 2yrs old. So... this gives me strength and hope for this pgcy. I did have a m/c a year ago at 9 wks... Actually.... this is my 7th pgcy and I have lost every other baby. So... I am destined to meet this lil one crying loud in my arms! I am having a hard time emotionally this go (although since my 20 wk loss every pgcy has been difficult) with this pgcy I am due the same month Reid (my angel) was due... therefore all my dates and milestones mirror his making this hard. My 20 wk gender u/s for this one will be right around the same time in November that his was and when our nightmare began. Sooo, this pgcy is bringing up a lot of emotions, memories and fears.

In anycase... I am anxious to jump on in again and get to know everyone.

HH9M to all!!!

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I think I always think I'm gonna stop worrying when I reach certain milestones. First it was just to get the baby in the uterus. Then it was to see the heartbeat. Then hear it. Then reach that 2nd trimester mark. But I still worry.

I can not fathom losing a baby at 20 weeks, I know that had to have been completely horrible for you. Was there any reason why? Not that it would make it any better. I hope you have a perfectly healthy baby this go around! The ladies on here are really great & supportive and we're all a little (or a lot in my case) paranoid - so feel free to vent/worry/whatever!

Here's to a Happy and Healthy 9 months for us all!

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Hi and welcome! Smile I am an avid lurker on pg.org so I recognize you from around. Congratulations on your newest blessing. That would be really difficult having the dates so close to your loss. It would definitely increase the worry factor just bringing up memories so freshly, if nothing else. I pray this baby brings you some happy and healing memories to help ease some of the sadness. Good luck and I look forward to getting to know you better. Smile

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Congrats. Smile

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Hi Katherine - Sorry I am a couple of days late in seeing this. Weekends are always crazy for me. Anyway, YAY, I am so glad that you decided to pop over and join us. Biggrin I told you we don't bite. Biggrin

First of all, congrats on your pregnancy. Yahoo Here is to hoping for a very HH9M for you, and a yelling baby ordering you around by the end of April. Smile

I am so sorry to hear about your previous losses. I cannot imagine how hard it would be to lose a baby at 20 weeks. I am sorry to hear that this pregnancy is sort of bringing back those feelings, although that is completely completely understandable. I hope that as you get past that 20 week mark and do your gender scan and see a healthy baby, you will be able to relax a little bit. I know that it will be hard to ever truly relax after a tragedy like that, but I hope that you will be able to feel as confident as possible after hitting that milestone.

Anyway, so happy that you joined us! Welcome, and feel free to jump right in!

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Congratulations and welcome!!

I'm truly sorry about your losses. I'm really happy that this pregnancy is going so well and yay for second trimester being right around the corner! I'm sorry that you've been feeling anxiety/fears with this pregnancy. It's perfectly normal and understandable. I think we all know what you are feeling and going through so hopefully we can all offer some support. I hope that talking to ladies that understand your fears will help you through this exciting yet scary time.

Congrats again and HH9M to you!