Scared myself today...

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Scared myself today...

When will I learn? :rolleyes: I have all these tests, of course I must pee on them.

So I've been testing every so often as the mood strikes. Here's one from Monday when I got home from work:

Then this morning I got this, obviously lighter, result:

Needless to say, it was not a good start to my day. I started questioning every symptom and why aren't there more or stronger symptoms? Do I really feel pregnant enough? This all day, so I had to test again tonight. I got this:

Whew! I feel sooo much better! Biggrin

I still bounce back and forth b/w excitement and impending doom feelings about Monday's u/s.

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Lol. If I had more sticks I'd probably pee
On them

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Good luck today!!!

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Lynn, good luck today! I can't wait to hear all about your u/s!

I would stop testing if I were you! I tested til I was 6 or so weeks and had to stop because my tests weren't getting any darker and some days were lighter than others and it would freak me out! I know it's hard not to pee on those sticks when you have a zillion of them. I still have like 50 opks and 30 hpts! LOL

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Haha, step away from the pee sticks! Also, please go look at my post about the Hook Effect on the DYSAL board to see some scary light tests from an obviously pregnant lady.

I hope you are feeling better now that you had a great u/s.