Started bleeding again

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Started bleeding again

I know I haven't been around much been pretty busy with work and life.

Had my dr appt last Tuesday and had a pap. Dr said I could have some bleeding afterwards.

I've been bleeding and cramping since Friday.

Blood is red and sometimes brown ... There's blood on the pad. But it's not heavier than a "normal" period.
When I went to the er the last time they said they didn't worry about bleeding unless I was bleeding thru pads....
feels like I'm having my period. I know I'm pregnant and I'm not suppose to bleed!!!!

I'm freaked out girls. I've heard if women having "periods" while" pregnant.... How can that be???

Hope I hear from one of you ladies.

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Did you have another u/s with your doctor?

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I can attest to the fact that you can have bleeding in pregnancy. I have been pregnant 8 times. I have had bleeding at some point in all of them. I have three healthy little girls. Although bleeding can be completely normal, it is not a good sign and you should let your doctor know. Until you can call your doctor first thing in the AM, try to rest as much as possible (do not DTD while bleeding). Best wishes! I know it is SO STRESSFUL! :bigarmhug:

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I agree with Bonita. I bled red blood for 6 weeks during this pregnancy and the baby was fine. I had an sub chorionic hematoma, which was terrifying but ultimately did not harm the baby. I also agree that until you talk to your doctor, you should take it as easy as possible, don't DTD or anything like that. I know how stressful this must be for you. Please keep us posted.