Today's Ultrasound **Pic Added**

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Today's Ultrasound **Pic Added**

All good news Biggrin Baby was wriggling around quite a bit, DS1 loved it since baby actually looked more like a baby now. Nice strong h/b of 173 and measured a few days ahead. I'm so thrilled and relieved...I believe I'm actually going to have baby in June or at least no sooner than late May Yahoo

I'll have to add a pic tomorrow. Smile

ETA: Here's a pic...not the best quality image but that's my wee one Smile

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Yay!!! How wonderful!

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Oh Lynn I'm so friggin happy for you!!! ((((HUGE HUGS))))

Hi little baby!!

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Yayayayayay Lynn! I can't believe I just saw this!

Yahoo I am soooooo happy for you! How exciting and wonderful.

Hey there sweet baby!!!!

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Lynn, so so so happy for you!!! What a cute little baby you have there!!! BiggrinBiggrinBiggrin

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Aww how sweet!