u/s tomorrow..

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u/s tomorrow..

I've been worried, but able to sufficiently put it out of my mind with work or whatnot. Tonight, DH and I were watching TV and I busted into tears. He keeps saying all the right things, but I'm so scared and worried and nervous...

Not gonna get any sleep tonight...

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Awww, (((hugehugs))) I know how scary it is but I really think you have a great chance of a good report tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you and hoping for a flickering h/b on the u/s screen. Biggrin

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I totally understand the fear of getting ultrasounds....(((HUGS))). Sending you tons of positive vibes for you scan today! Please KUP!

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Awwww, I totally understand. I'm scared to death of getting bad news during ultrasounds too. Everything crossed for you that you see a perfect healthy little bean with a perfect h/b. Please keep us posted!!!!