Ultrasound Results

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Ultrasound Results

We have a baby with a h/b!

She said it was a nice strong h/b at 114 bpm and she turned on the sound so we heard it too. Baby measured exactly 6 weeks. I'm 6 wks 1 day today according to O day so I'm considering that good. Biggrin

I saw the doctor and he said everything looked great. He scheduled me to come back in 4 weeks and they will do another u/s then just so I can see the baby and know all is well. I love my doc!

I'm going to try to stay positive about things now....hopefully that lasts at least a few weeks. Wink I'm so happy she was able to measure the heartrate and said it was a strong h/b. With my loss in 2010 I saw the h/b at 7.5 weeks but the tech couldn't measure a rate and she tried a couple times. Looking back I assumed it must have been weak and that's why she couldn't measure it. So I'm taking today's u/s results as a really good sign. Smile

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That's great news Lynn!! I'm so glad to hear everything is going great! YES!!!

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Lynn! Yay, I am so happy this is the first post I read since coming back from my vacay (just got home a couple of hours ago!) I am so so happy to hear that baby is looking good and has a nice strong heartbeat. That is AWESOME news!!!! Being able to see a hb at all at 6 weeks is iffy, so being able to see such a strong one is such a great sign.

That's so awesome that your doc is having you come back for another u/s just to put your mind at ease. What a great doctor! It sounds like you are in great hands.


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Yay!!! So glad you had a wonderful u/s and appointment! Glad you get to go back for another scan soon!!!! :D:D:D:D

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So happy for you!