We have a heartbeat!!! (XP)

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We have a heartbeat!!! (XP)

I've been trying to find the hb with my doppler for a few days because I found it the first time I tried with DS2, right at 9w0d. So I thought maybe I could find it a few days earlier if I tried. I didn't find it the last couple days, but today I did... A nice, strong 168-169 beats per minute of sheer wonder!! Ahhhh, the best sound a mama can hear, aside from the first cry (and of course, "I love you, mama"). Biggrin Sooooo happy!

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Yay! That is sooo awesome! Yahoo

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Yay Mary!!!! That is so exciting! :woohoo: What a wonderful milestone. Biggrin

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Yay! Congrats! Biggrin

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