28 week milestone!!

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28 week milestone!!

Yeah Me! Made it to 28 weeks today...I am feeling very happy and very blessed. This has been a very difficult pregnancy for me (with stupid subchorionic hematoma), so it feels really great to be at the 28 week mark.:)

Hematoma couldn't be found on last scan which either means it is resolved, or just so thin that they couldn't find it with everything else going on in my uterus...but it isn't causing any more bleeding (thank goodness!!) and hasn't disrupted either placenta, so I am feeling good about where things are with it.

All seems well with my LO's...good growth, good fluid, all anatomy scans have looked great. (Expecting one of each flavor).

Both are head down!!

My cervix is still long and closed (4.3 cm)!!

And, I passed my 1-hour glucose test!!

Sure, I have lots of aches, pains, swelling, nose bleeds, back pains, BH's, etc I could complain about, but right now I am trying to focus on the positive and celebrate how far I have come!!

Just thought I'd share.:icecream:

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Yahoo you are doing amazing Mama as are the babies. And good for you for focusing on the positives. In all honesty, I need to do that. I have had a good pregnancy and have made it pretty far but can only focus on the negatives. And by the sounds of it, you have had it a lot harder then I have :wink:. Good Job Mama, you should be proud of yourself. And heres hoping they stay in there for another 9 weeks.

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Congratulations! What a fantastic milestone. I know I felt tremendous relief at reaching 24 weeks so I can only imagine the next biggie -- the magical 28 weeks -- must feel great! And what a rock star cervix ... my doctors were impressed by my 3.5 cm and I ain't got nothing on you! Good for you for focusing on the positive. It's hard to do...

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congrats! i just hit 28 weeks as well!! next goal is 32 weeks!

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That's right! Congrats to you too Mari! Biggrin

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Great job Mama~!!! Keep it up Biggrin

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Congratulations! That is great! Biggrin