28 week u/s and appt.

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28 week u/s and appt.

I had my 28 week u/s and the babies look great. They are measuring within 3% of each other. I feel so bad for them though, they are so squished in there. And they are indeed still a boy and girl. I also had my GD test but haven't heard anything back yet. I pray I pass because the thought of going 3 hrs without food scares me! My BP is still really good but my weight is really up. I gained 9lbs in 2 weeks, I hope this isn't a sign of things to come. I'll be a house by the time this pregnancy is over if this weight gain continues!

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I am glad the babies look so good and I hope you get good results on your GD test Smile

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yay for a good u/s. Smile Hope you pass the gd test, because if you don't, (if I remember correctly) you have to fast the night before the 3hr test, so it is much more than 3hrs. It was torture!