28 Weeks!

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28 Weeks!

YAY! 28 weeks!!! It feels awfully weird sometimes being all, "Yay! Decreased risks of death or life-altering conditions like cerebral palsy!" But really ... YAY! Biggrin

And here's where I start whining...

Holy cow I guess I didn't fully realize this was going to get more boring and more uncomfortable by the minute. Yesterday I went out to get my flu shot and it was the most excitement I've had all week! Bo-ring. And the heartburn, OH DEAR GOD the HEARTBURN! I feel like the days of non-stop eating are far behind me and I can't consume more than a couple of bites at a time. Even a plum caused me to feel like I just ate two Thanksgiving dinners and required a two-hour digestion nap.

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Congrats...every week is a milestone. I can't relate to the boredom mostly because I worked through (no bed rest, YAY) and we had so much to do before the babies arrived. But, I can completely relate with heartburn/small meals. I went through 4 lg containers of tums with this pregnancy. And I could not eat a full meal, I'd be so hungry but could only eat a small amount....frustrating. Just thinking, you only have 10 weeks left, if that. It goes so fast.

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Congrats on 28 weeks! That is indeed a wonderful milestone.:):)

I can fully relate on the heartburn and things becoming increasingly uncomfortable. I (literally) have not slept more than 2 straight hours in weeks.:( I either have to pee, have shoulder/neck pain, back pain or contractions that awaken me every 60-90 minutes. I am usually in tears at some point during the night. I am trying to nap some during the day, but only have limited success there. I am downing the tums but also use Zantac (Category B for pregnancy) for the heartburn which my OB said was fine. It does help some, but not completely.

Hang in there!! You are indeed in the final stretch now!!!:D

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Wahooooo!!!! Yay for 28 weeks!

It was right around then when I realized exactly HOW uncomfortable I was going to feel for the next 8-10 weeks.

Hope your heartburn let's you sleep some.

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Yay! Congrats on making it to this milestone!

As for the heartburn and meals, yes, it is going to get uncomfy. I took prescription Zantac and it helped enough, but I was taking it as often as I was allowed. I still had heartburn with it. I also stopped eating a lot, which worried me, but I just could not get much food in there. As for the napping, go for it. All the sleep you are doing helps the little ones grow. I slept a lot the last 8 weeks of the pregnancy.

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I second the zantac. The heartburn was miserable for me toward the end, or half way through. When I finally asked the doc for something he said it was a no brainer, and it helped a ton. It did not eliminate it, but certainly helped. Wink I did not have it with my singleton pregnancies at all. Smile

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Yay for 28 wks!!!!!
As for the heartburn it just will get worse! Talk to your OB to get a script Biggrin

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That's amazing- major milestone to celebrate!

I'm sorry about the heartburn! I had severe indigestion from weeks 6-9, but it has subsided mostly. I'm sure it will reappear as my belly grows. I hope you can find relief so the final weeks aren't too uncomfortable.

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YAY for a milestone!