29 wk appt
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Thread: 29 wk appt

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    Default 29 wk appt

    Total wt gain 30lbs, BP normal- 108/64, HB's great, measuring 42 wks
    3 hr glucose Friday and growth US in 2 wks. States that our 1st goal is 6 wks...OMG...6 wks! I am hoping to make it to 8/31 that is the day I think they will be delivered or hope they will be delivered! LOL
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    sounds great!! You can do it!!
    Rachel, momma to 4
    dd 9, ds 7, twin boys Dec 09
    I nursed my twins for 2years and 2 weeks! A little sad to be all done now.

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    Wow, measuring 42 weeks with 6 to go!
    I mean, wait, nevermind, I won't act like having multiples is super crazy ... you can do it!!

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    Yay for great appt.
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    Sounds like a good appt.

    Goals are very important. Not only do they help the time go faster I truely believe the power of the brain is very important and can have a significant impact on the final outcome. I was convinced I was going to make it passed 36 weeks and I did. You will make it to your goal as well!
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