30 Weeks!

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30 Weeks!

Well, I had an u/s with my high risk OB on Monday and things are looking good. Baby A is measuring 3 lbs. 5 oz. and Baby B is 3 lbs. 2 oz. He said he would like to see me get to 32 weeks and anything after that is a bonus. My cervix shortened a little but nothing significant. I got the feeling that he didn't think I would make it to 37 weeks because when I asked him about an end date he just said that generally they schedule twins to be delivered between 37 and 38 weeks. The way he said it though, it seemed like he might as well have said, "Don't worry about that though." I am going crazy here with anticipation! It could be 2 weeks or almost 2 months! Ahhhh! I just wish he would tell me what to expect. I hate the not knowing! This morning I woke up and I definitely felt like Baby B, who was higher and near my ribs, must have dropped. I kept getting nervous because I wasn't being constantly kicked in the ribs and so the movements were much less noticeable. A few times I actually sat down and did kick counts which definitely made me feel better once I realized what must have happened. I am enjoying the break from the pummeling and I can even breathe a little easier but now I'm also thinking that this is yet another sign that they might be coming early! Kinda freaking out a little!

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I agree with the crazy date fluctuation. So difficult. We could have babies in Sept or Oct. Arrrggghhh....

It definitely messes with your head. Sounds like you've got some good sized babies in there.

It's kind of nice knowing we're both going through the exact things together. Hahaha...

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Wow, it definitely is a big range in potential timing!

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Yay for a great appt. Thats the great thing about twins...anything can change at any minute. I thought for sure I was going to have to be induced the way this pregnancy was going but now, with the contraction and feeling them so low now, I think I may go soon by myself.

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Yay for a great appt. My perinatalogist always acted like I would never make it to 37 weeks too. I never went into labor or had many contractions, my cervix was a rock, and I probably would have made it to my scheduled c-sec at 39 weeks. He was always pleasantly surprised every time he saw me near the end. We had to take the girls at 37 weeks because S stopped growing suddenly. So, you just never know. The waiting game is hard because unlike a singleton, you are on constant alert with twins. Is this twinge a contraction, is this twinge a sign of labor, etc.?

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Sounds like a good appt, you are getting so close!

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Wow I can't believe how close u are.. totally hear u about the time estimates I feel like I have no idea when I should expect to deliver excpet.before 39 weeks

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Glad that all went well. I too agree with the crazy unpredictability. I cringe every time someone asks me, "when are you due?" I want to say...sometime in the next 6-12 weeks!:p