30 wk appt

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30 wk appt

I had my 30 week appt today with my MFM. She said I may win the cervix olympics as it still looks awesome. My babies are CROWDED in there. She can almost get all the heads in one shot, telling you they are laying all askew. All three are measuring over 3 lbs. I think the weights were 3.4, 3.6, and 3.8. Of course, the boy is the biggin the little food stealer. lol

I see my ob each week, but my next appt with this dr isn't for another 4 weeks. Of course, I cannot image making it that far, especially since my blood pressure keeps inching toward her break point. I'm not showing any other signs of pre-e, just the bp getting higher and higher. On a more realistic note, the nurse said if I make it two more weeks we are out of the woods. I truly think that is much more doable than the four weeks, but I also truly do want to go as long as possible.

I will try to add some pics tomorrow. Two of them are super cute. The first is baby girl C's face, and the next is her face smooshed with a fist in it. lol poor girl.
I hope everyone else is hanging in there!


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I cant believe you dont have an appt for 4 wks!:eek:
My OB is seeing me every 2 wks and I'm only having twins! YIKES!
So since you dont have an appt and your BP is borderline are you checking it at home?

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Sounds like you are doing great and they babies have a good chance of doing well after delivery.

Even though your OB sees you more often I don't know why your MFM doesn't see you more often. With triplets and being this late in the pregnancy I think she would want to see you more often but it could mean she thinks you are doing great so there is no need.

Sorry to hear about your blood pressure. Mine has been fine but I have been struggling with the GD. My blood sugars keep inching higher and they are slowly increasing my dose of medicine.

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You are doing such an awesome job!!! I'm amazed with your progress!

Just take it one day at a time....

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woohoo! You are doing awesome!! Keep it up, those babies will be here soon enough! Exciting! So happy your cervix is doing so awesome, and hope the bp stays under control!

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I do check my bp at home. I'm trying to check it with my breakfast and dinner blood sugar checks. Last night after doing some light picking up/straightening of my room it was crazy high, but I figured I over did it. I laid down and tested it again 15 minutes later and it was back to where it has been. I really do think I'll hit her point of 140/90 pretty soon. Sad

I too am really surprised when she said 4 weeks out. I am SURE my other dr will see me every week. I also know my MFM has belief in us, but if I have to go to ob/triage early she will be there for me in a heartbeat. I do need to ask about NST tests - will I do them? If so, when??

One thing the nurse made clear, which was helpful, was that in no way should I keep myself from eating just to meet blood sugar goals. They would rather I control them through meds/insulin and eat what I can than limit myself food wise. She's not encouraging carb overload, but rather if you are hungry, EAT.

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You are so awesome and a role model to all of us!! You GO girl!! Can't wait to see the pictures....2 weeks...you can do it!! But do take it easy my friend. This "baking" business is hard work--hard enough with one...doubly hard with twins...and you got it X3!! I vote the housework can wait! LOL.;)

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Keep baking those babies, you're doing an amazing job. Every time I even think of complaining, I'll think about what you have to go through. As for the NST, my doctor isn't going to make me do them because he said that everytime I get an u/s they are actually monitoring for that as well, so you might not be required to do it. Hang in there, you're doing great:)