31 wk. ultra sound

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31 wk. ultra sound

we had an u/s today.... babies are getting big - Little Miss 4Lbs. 5 oz. Little Mr 4Lbs. 6 oz ..... the best part is when the perinatologist said they "should" each gain about 3 more lbs. before we deliver......... oh my !!!

now ladies I need to ask, the last few days I have been getting a pain like a bad nerve in my right butt cheek... anyone else have this happen to them. I would normally joke that it is dh, but it hurts too much to make a joke. I try to massage it away but it doesn't work...

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Oh I'm sorry about your pain, Erica. I lucked out with no back issues during pregnancy. However, I had a spinal surgery just a few months before I became pregnant so I know the butt sciatica. Sitting is the worst possible thing for sciatica so aim to lie down or stand always (I ate standing up for months and used my computer on a tall countertop). A half-roll lumbar support helped after surgery -- something like this: http://www.amazon.com/Duro-Med-Lumbar-Back-Support-Half-Roll/dp/B000HLZ96C/ref=pd_sim_sbs_hpc_4

But back to the good news ... YAY for big fat babies!!! Smile

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YAY for great growth in babies, you're doing awesome growing those babies. Sorry about the pain, I never had it in my butt, just upper back.

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I shall share they usually don't induce until 37 weeks unless you are having complications. Are you sure you arent' having twins. Does having big babies run in your family? Do you have gestational diabetis?