32 week appt

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32 week appt

I had a 32 week appt with my ob today. I am measuring 46 weeks, my thighs are so swollen they are painful. I also have a crazy rash on my legs/arms - but the dr said since it's not on my belly it's ok so far. I also let her know I've been really nauseous lately, so I got medicine for it. Funny aside, the pharm made sure to tell me to be careful it might make me really drowsy...tis ok since I'm on bed rest. lol

My first bp reading was over the boarderline @ 147/89. After measuring and baby hb's she took it again and it was going down 136/86 maybe. She called my MFM and talked with her about the bp and queasiness and they agreed I should go ahead and go in. 3 hours later, all is fine and I'm sent home again. My bp got down to 117/60-? They said I did have a few contractions, but I'm still not certain what they feel like. Nothing painful that's for sure. I did have some low back pain, so I wonder if that was it. I also wonder if it was just the babies moving under the contraction monitor and kinda faking it out.

So, at the end of the day - no matter how much I wanted to serve eviction notices I was sent home to incubate some more. I do know mentally it is the best thing, but physically this is really starting to take its toll. One a good note, DH said when he comes down next weekend he may just stay and start his telecommuting b/c he knows we're getting closer and closer.

Hang in there with me Jennie and all others!

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Do you feel like your ready to bring these babies home? After having a hospital scare yeterday I am not so sure anymore. I am still waiting on my bedding to arrive from the states and I need a part to come in for my breast pump. I know, that may sound small, but I feel like everything needs to be done and ready for me to have them. I stopped contracting yesterday morning shortly after I started (45 mins) but I have been having right side and lower back cramps tonight. Its been too long since my first pregnancy and I can not remember what contractions feel like. (I did not know I was contracting at the hospital yesterday either!) I wrote in another post I feel down some steps and had to be monitored for 6 hours. I'm only 30 weeks but tired of being huge, but after yesterday it really hit me that they are coming soon and I need all the rest and prep time I can get!

So you have been living with your mom-in-law while your hubby is away at work? ..that must be hard! I love my mom-in-law but could not live with her! oh, and I have a rash in between my breast, I just wrote it off as heat rash...what did the doc say about your rash?

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Stephanie - you are doing soooo good! Smile

I don't know about you but I feel like here recently the shear size of my belly has been taking off. I think the boys must be putting on some weight. I have not gained any weight but my size is significantly changing. It sounds like based on your measurements changing so quickly your belly is starting to get big quick too.

Do you have a time frame in mind that you are trying to realistically make it to? I am holding 36 weeks in my head, telling myself I have to make it to July 8th (a week from Friday) - there aren't any other options. After I reach 36 weeks, I will be ready to evict them (even though I physically feel like it now). I am hoping this mental concentration on 36 weeks will get me there and through this rough physical phase.

I am glad your husband is coming to stay with you. That should make things better. I still can't imagine living by yourself with your MIL. I would go insane whether I was prego or not.

You are soooo close. Hang in there Smile

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Wow you girls are getting so close! Steph you are doing wonderfully and doing so much for those babies! You keep going Mama!!!!!

Jennie, Holy Cow 2 weeks! How exciting!!!!!

Jayme, i hope you uterus calms down for a few more weeks Biggrin

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Once again, I'm feeling huge myself and I'm in awe .... GREAT INCUBATING, WOMEN!! Biggrin

I think my doctor expected me to feel inspired the other day when she told me about a woman with twins who made it to 39 weeks. UGH! Hahah.

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You all make me smile, thanks for that!
Jayme, I am ready to meet them, but I really do want them as healthy as possible so no matter how frustrated I am I know in my head it is worth it. At your stage I was soooo ready to be over and that feeling hasn't really gone away, I just try to let my desire for little NICU time to prevail. There are days I just sit in here with the door closed and cry though. I will also say at your stage I probably started nesting to the extent I can. i would call hubby with you MUST do this... type of things. poor guy. We still need to take our pump to the boutique and get it checked. Really, if it needs a lot or will take long we'll just buy another one since this was given to us.

As for the rash it looks exactly like heat rash. Tons of raised red bumps all over my legs/arms only. The itchiness comes and goes but I did get some benadryl cream yesterday I am trying to use sparingly. DH says dr thought it was from my skin stretching (??). She really wasn't worried since it's not on my belly. With the pg I've had a lot of skin changes in my chest area, little mole looking things with bumps and such, not enough to make me worry though. If you are - ASK, it can't hurt.

Jennie my belly is so big my shirts don't cover it any more. LOL. Even the women's size 1 shirts, my belly hangs so low they don't cover it. And those Target tanks I live for, well now once I put one on it pops up between my boobs/belly. LOL I did have MIL get me some more comfy pj's from Target for after home with babies. They have fold over waist, so no constriction and the tops are scoop neck elastic so easy for feeding/pumping.

I'm staying with my MIL because we live 6 hours away. He's been staying at home with the dogs and working. Luckily he became a gov employee (was prev a gov contractor - same job) in Feb so he gets to have a condensed work week meaning every other Fri off. This has helped when he gets 3-day weekends. Lately he's been switching his Fri for Mon to go to appts with me. His boss has already talked to him and essentially approved his teleworking from the base here in town. He sent the paperwork last week, just needs his siggy. My worry now is the dogs. I can't imagine boarding them for however long both $$ wise and missing them, leaving them in a kennel. We need to figure this part out. My MIL, yeah, we've always gotten along, but I am so ready to be done. The little quirks I had to change in hubby came from somewhere. :rolleyes: Even he recognizes that it could drive one insane.

Jennie, you and I are kinda in a race. You want to make it to 36 weeks, I'm hoping to convince my dr. at 34 weeks to evict. My 34 appt is the Monday after yours, 7-11 or so. We can keep each other going.
Jayme - please rest and be careful!! Make small goals, one day at a time if needed it really does work.
We all rock! We can do this!!

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"triplespiral" wrote:

Once again, I'm feeling huge myself and I'm in awe .... GREAT INCUBATING, WOMEN!! Biggrin

I think my doctor expected me to feel inspired the other day when she told me about a woman with twins who made it to 39 weeks. UGH! Hahah.

yeah, that's not really funny. I saw a Make Room for Multiples where a triplet mom went to 36 weeks and I was thinking NO. My dr. said be all end all is 37 but she is CRAZY.

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You ladies are all doing great! I remember just reaching for that 36wk goal, then we got there and at my appt I wanted to schedule the c/s, and my doc got called out to deliver... and they told me he would call, and he didn't, and I wanted to just bawl. I was so done. Thankfully he called 2 days later (Sunday night) and asked if we were ready to have babies in the morning, was I ever! lol You can do it Steph and Jennie!