33+ wk ob appt

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33+ wk ob appt

Went to see my ob today. I have an appt with my perinatologist on Monday (she is actually out of town until then too). When my ob measured my belly she just laughed and said "big!" She wouldn't even tell my # of weeks, just big. Had more proteins than usual show up in my urine so starting tomorrow I do the 24 hour urine collection. DH was going to drop it off on his way to work Fri, but she just called and said some of my liver enzymes are off so she wants me to come in with him to re-do that test. Not sure if it's a blood or urine test. So, I'm back in bed with my elephant foot elevated on two pillows. I want to make it through this weekend w/o pre-e or other symptoms showing up so the peri I've worked with all along does my c-sec. I know she is the best in town for high risk and I just want her to be the one to deliver... so prayers I can make it until Monday please.
Oh, other good news, she gave me paperwork to get a handicap tag (I know, I should have asked for one long ago) and she said she'll renew it to get me through winter.

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Goodness Steph it sounds like it wont be much longer, but I hope that you can last until Monday!
Usually if they are testing your liver it will be a blood test, did she mention HELPP syndrome? Often time that is assoc. w/ pregnancy and elevated liver enzymes, I hope that isnt your case or they may not wait until Monday for delivery.
Good luck hon!!!

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You are getting sooo close.

I hope you make it to Monday and deliver with the dr you want. I will be thinking of you.

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I'm sending baking thoughts your way, hopefully you make it through the weekend. Good Luck with everything.

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Oh Steph!! I am so excited for you.....you have done so magnificently...really..you have baked those babies so well!!!

I hope that you wait until next week...prayers your way!!!

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so so close! Hope you can hold out just a bit longer!