34 week appt.

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34 week appt.

Firstly, last night I was having contractions, about 5 minutes apart. They lasted from about 3 in the afternoon until about 10 at night, they they started letting up. So, @ my appt, He did check me and said that I wasn't dialated and my cervix was long (thank goodness).BP was good and the babies looked great. I did have one concern, and that was that my belly (and whole body) was extremely itchy, it was to the point where it was painful. I was giving myself little cuts on my belly because I was itching so badly. I mentioned it and it turns out I have Cholestasis. Upon researching it, I'm acutally kind of scared. It has something to do with your gallbladder and ofcourse is more common in mulitples.It can cause pre-term labour and even stillborn . If it was a singleton pregnancy they would take the baby @ 37 weeks, so my doctor isn't too worry knowing that I'll be delivering @ 37 weeks anyway. So now I have to take a pill every 4 hrs. to relieve the itching.

But, I found out when I will be induced....Sept 13th the babies will be here for sure Yahoo

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Ooh, yikes, sorry about the itchiness. But YAY on the known end date!!!

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Glad things are going well with the LO's and the closed cervix...although that condition doesn't sound too good and quite uncomfortable. Glad that your doctor was able to identify it however. Hope the treatment helps...and I assume they will be keeping a close eye on you and your blood levels the next few weeks?

Take care...those babies will be here SOON!!!

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You are getting very close now. The end is the hardest but it goes by fairly quick and you will have your LO's in your arms very soon! Smile

I am sorry to here about the itching. I bet that is miserable. I hope the pill helps.

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I'm sorry you are feeling so miserable. I'm guessing you'll have those babies before the 13th, but that is a good day, its my daughter's birthday. Smile

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I am glad the u/s went well. Sorry about the cholestasis. I remember reading about that when I was pregnant with the girls. Just keep an eye on how you feel. If you are worried at all, call your doc. That is their job. I hope all continues to go well until the 13th. I think that date will be here before you know it. Time is going to fly now.