Amazing babies

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Amazing babies

Babies are doing awesome. I'm still trying to recover enough sleep. Will do my best to post story and more pics tomorrow. Thanks to ALL for prayers and thoughts!!!

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Congrats...I was away all weekend so I'm just getting the exciting news now. I saw the pics on the august board, they are adorable and I love their names. Congrats again. Hope you and babies are doing great.

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Congrats again Steph! The babies are beautiful and I am SO glad that they are doing well!

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Wonderful news, Steph! I took a peek at the photos ... so darling! I'm so happy to hear they're big and healthy.

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Make sure you get some rest but I can't wait to hear more. Smile

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glad they are doing so well, and great weights!!

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Congratulations!!! Excellent job mama!! They look must be up and can't wait to hear more when you are rested some. Maybe when they start kindergarten?:wink:

So happy for you and your familyl!!!

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Congrats Steph!! Sooo excited for you, you made it!