Appointment Today and Its a .....

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Appointment Today and Its a .....

I had a cervical check today, but they went ahead and checked everything!!

Both babies looked fabulous! They both were measuring right on time (if not a little ahead). My uterus is measuring 20 weeks, but I still look small!

To the important part!!!! One baby would not cooperate - had his\her legs cross and hand over the genitals (I think its a boy).

But the other is


We're 80% sure that she is a girl anyway (clearly looked like a girl part to the US tech and me), but they're waiting until the 20 week anatomy scan to confirm. I'm just REALLY excited I'm going (most likely) get my girl! :yahoo::yahoo:

DH thinks that they other is a girl as well, so we may have two girls. I do hope he gets his boy though!!

I'll update you in 3 weeks!!!!!!

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Congrats! And I hope the babies will both let you check next time around! Wink

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exciting! Congrats on a probable girl. Smile

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how exciting.... ours were stubborn at first too... hopefully #2 won't be as shy next time!!

Congrats on the potential GIRL!!!

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Aww Congrats! It's so exciting to finally be able to start thinking terms of boy or girl. I hope your wishes come true for the other one Smile

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Oh yay!! I hope you can get two definite shots at your next ultrasound, but YAY for it looking like a girl!! Good luck!

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Congrats on a baby girl, they are amazing. And congrats on a great scan. Can't wait to hear what the other baby is.

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Yay for a girl. Wouldn't it be awsome if you got one of each? Congrats lady!