Appointment update - 19 weeks

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Appointment update - 19 weeks

Cervical shortening... in 4 weeks my cervix shortened from 4cm to 3.4cm. They said that since 3.4cm is still average they are not too worried about it, but expect my regular doctor to check cervical length every other week (or weekly).

BP - my BP was 135/84 which is definitely high for me. I have a blood pressure cuff, so keeping an eye on that. I did not have pre-E with the last pregnancy, but that was a singleton.

Pediatric cardiologist - noted tricuspid regurgitation in baby A, but thinks it is just from dehydration on my part and encouraged fluids... did not schedule any more tests for that

Anatomy scan - both are boys and both are measuring on schedule, both head down...

I am nervous about the cervical shortening, and plan to take it easy as much as I can. I start a new job (oh yes, you read that right) on Tuesday. But I really pushed myself too hard over the last 4 weeks, and I hope if I limit my exertion to time at work that things will be ok. I have an appointment in 2 weeks with my new OB. I hope it goes ok.

So that is all I've got... I know there is a bumpy road ahead, but hope things turn out ok.

My MFM didn't blame me for not buying a single thing for these babies. She knows that I know enough about what can go wrong and that there are real risks associated with this pregnancy. She also didn't tell me to stop working. I'll be curious what my new doc thinks about all this.

I know many of you ladies have dealt with these issues and would love your 2 cents.


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2 boys, CONGRATS!!! So exciting. How big were they?Have you thought of names? We had a horrible time coming up with names. And a new job! Well, congrats on that too. I worked until a little over 34 weeks I just took it easy. You do the same Smile I didn't buy anything for my babes until after the 24 week mark, and even then it was only a picture frame (except we bought diapers around 20 weeks because they were a great deal. Hang in there. You are doing awesome and hope that cervix stays put!

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You may wind up on couch/bed rest which isn't uncommon with twins, I'm on "couch rest" myself. I had to get scans constantly due to high levels of amniotic fluid which has now resolved itself. So sometimes they see something and it turns out to be nothing in the end. Smile Definitely drink that water, I know it's hard, but the further along you get the more water is needed. Anyway, wow you are 19 weeks already, woot!!!

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Congrats on your sons!! My cervix was 3.5 at this point too and they didn't seem concerned. I don't think mine was every close to 4. Mine started shortening at 30 weeks and I was put on bedrest. I would just rest as much a possible. The next 10 weeks are so critical. Keep up the good work!

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Congrats on boys! I agree that you should just continue to take it easy and drink, drink, drink. Water was my best friend when I was pregnant with my girls. I stopped working at 32 weeks. I was commuting 70+ miles per day, carrying heavy bags, and swine flu hit the schools where I work. So, we decided it was time for me to just stay home and relax. I don't regret it at all.

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Congrats on the babies being boys!!! I agree just take it extra easy and drink lots and lots of water don't over do it . I worked until 32 weeks and granted I only worked 12 hours a week it was 100% on my feet no sitting down. Time will pass quicker than you think.

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Water was also very important for me, I could definitely tell when I hadn't drank enough!

I worked until week 38. My doctor didn't let me return for my last day due to high BP. I developed PHI, which I'm still dealing with.

Good luck and listen to your body!!

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Congrats on the boys! I made it to 36 weeks before bed rest, but be prepared to go earlier as others have said it is common. Keep up water, like Erica said, I would know the next day if I didn't drink enough. Spoil yourself now while you can with something special each week, a pedicure etc. you deserve it for baking those babies another week.