Appt's today - UPDATED

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Appt's today - UPDATED

Well, today I have my last u/s scheduled at 1pm, followed by an NST and OB appt.

This is my 36 week appt but I am not 36 weeks until tomorrow. I am hoping the boys look good and there are signs I will deliver soon.

I will update after the appt.

Well, having a u/s at 36 weeks is pure toture. If you have one, don't expect to enjoy it. The measurements are very inaccurate at this point but they were measuring:

Baby A
37 weeks 4 days
7 lbs 3 oz

Baby B
36 weeks 6 days
6 lbs 10 oz

They say weights can be off by up to a pound at this point.

At my dr's appt, she said she had called the university hospital and told her if I come in from now on out to deliver me (i.e. - I don't have to go the univiersity to deliver) They told her I should be safe to deliver now. She was very excited to know she gets to deliver the twins. She set up my csec date for next Friday - July 15th.

However, during my NST I was contracting every 5 minutes again. Early today I started to feel like crap and I can feel the contractions much worse today. After the NST she said due to how bad I felt and the contractions being 5 min apart she would take the babies at 5pm - when her shift was over. However, then she realized I was only 35 weeks, 6 days and it is hospital policy that I have to be shipped to the university hospital if I am not 36 weeks. So she sent me home and told me if I felt as bad as I do now and still are having contracts at midnight to come in and she will deliver the babies tonight. The other dr in the office is oncall tonight and this weekend. She is scheduled off tomorrow but she called L&D and talked to the other dr and told them she would come in if I went to L&D tonight or this weekend.

So the babies could be born tonight but forsure they will be born by next Friday! Biggrin

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Good luck Jennie!!!

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Good luck, can't wait to hear the results.

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GL! Can't wait for the update!

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so exciting! You are so close! Hope you get to have your doc deliver them!

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WOWEEE exciting...thanks for taking the time to keep us updated. Can't wait to hear if the babies were born this morning....or are going to be waiting until next week.....congratulations...sending you lots of positive energy!!!!!